Student Leadership & Campus Life

Guttman Community College College CollecTH.ipled编程是故意旨在吸引您在支持学院的教育模式时学习经验。您与学生领导和校园生活的参与有助于学院的学术,社会和文化环境。此外,Guttman领导力编程支持您对专业和社区职责的准备。



作为Guttman学生机构的官方代表,SGA为所有与学生有关的事务的行政,教师和工作人员提供了指导。 SGA对学生的活动费用,以及Charters学生俱乐部和其他学生组织以及学生权利的倡导者。 SGA包含被同伴在每年4月当选的学生官员和参议员。



Guttman students can participate in the many conferences and workshops sponsored by the City University of New York. Conferences and workshops are valuable non-formal learning opportunities and excellent venues for networking. The following conferences are held annually and have been attended by Guttman student representatives: CUNY Emerging Leaders Conference; CUNY Leadership Challenge; NYS Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus Conference and the Somos El Futuro Conference. Also, the talented faculty, staff and students at Guttman host numerous workshops on campus each term. The vast range of topical areas ensures that there is of interest for all participants.